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ADL Motorsports Partners with Off Axis Paint for 2018

Mooresville, N.C. (February 25, 2018) – ADL Motorsports has joined forces with Off Axis Paint for the 2018 racing season, starting at Madera Speedway this weekend. ADL Motorsports, who is under the Naake-Klauer Motorsports alliance, fields the No. 98 Late Model, piloted by rookie driver, Adam Lemke.

Off Axis Paint is a management company based out of Mooresville, North Carolina, whose primary focus is on the key aspects of building a successful brand. Throughout the 2018 season, Off Axis Paint will be the primary partner on the No. 98 Late Model, driven by Adam Lemke. Lemke and ADL Motorsports has also created an alliance with Naake-Klauer Motorsports, who provides quality equipment and an expertise in competition.

“I am excited about the partnership with ADL Motorsports and Adam for the 2018 season,” Off Axis Paint Owner, Greg Stumpff, said. “We believe that Adam has the talent to make it to the top levels in the Motorsports industry, and are looking forward to growing with him as a driver.”

Driver, Adam Lemke said, “Off Axis Paint is a primarily known throughout NASCAR and the auto racing community for their unbelievable and prestige artwork and helmet design. We are honored to have Off Axis Paint join the ADL Motorsports team and are excited to work with them for the 2018 race season and build a relationship that will continue for years to come.”

Lemke will be competing in the RPM Pro Mortgage Late Model Series races at Madera Speedway. In addition, Lemke will compete in the Western US Midget Series, a twenty-one Race touring series throughout the United States, along with a limited East Coast schedule racing for Hawk McCall Motorsports under Ranier Racing Development, with Race Face on board as a partner.

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